Phoenix Zoo's last cheetah has died

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Juma By Jennifer Thomas Juma By Jennifer Thomas
Ratel By Jennifer Thomas Ratel By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Zoo's last remaining cheetah died Thursday just two months after his brother.

Zoo spokeswoman Linda Hardwick said 9-year-old Juma died from severe chronic renal disease.

Hardwick said Juma's keepers and veterinary staff learned more than a year ago that he had kidney disease. He was monitored very closely and received medical treatment as needed. 

"He will be missed by zoo staff and guests alike," Hardwick said.

Zoo officials are working to acquire another cheetah, but Hardwick said it can be a very long process. At this time, there is no estimate on when the zoo will get one.

Juma's brother, Ratel, died in January from myocardial fibrosis and heart failure.