Dress the body you have to love the body you're dressing

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Style guru Luke Reichle knows fashion.

A popular celebrity stylist and costume designer, Reichle says it's important to dress the body you have, not the one that's considered "perfect."

It's all about mindset.

"We, as a species, have kind of a vision problem," Reichle said. "That is when we look in the mirror, we don't see what's there. We tend to see a collection of parts. ... By the time you get in front of a mirror, you have so many filters of other people's opinions that you can't see the beauty for the beast."

It starts at a young age and becomes more ingrained over time.

"Girls younger and younger are getting the idea that they're not OK -- that they don't loo all right, that they're not enough," he said. "The first thing to understand is just because it's going on in your head doesn't mean you have to live with it."

He suggests you change what the negative voices in your head say and consciously rebuild your self-image from the inside out to let your beauty emerge.

"It's really not the dress. It's the woman in the dress," Reichle said. "You have to dress the body you have. ... Dress the body you have and that's how you'll learn to love the body you're dressing."

Reichle shares his years of experience in "It's Not About the Clothes," the first of a trilogy called "Secrets of the Red Carpet."