Mother seeks answers in teen daughter's murder

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- The mother of a Valley high school student gunned down by a classmate last week is breaking her silence with an emotional plea for answers.

Anastasia Greer was killed outside a north Valley home after school last Friday. According to Phoenix police, the triggerman was 15-year-old Matthew Bolton, one of Anastasia’s classmates at Sandra Day O’Connor High School, who also took his own life.

“I said, ‘I love you, Banana; have a great day.’ Ya know, that is the last thing I said to her and she said, ‘I love you too, Mom,’” said Diannah Dinsmoor, replaying the last conversation she had with her daughter the day Ana was killed.

Ana's mom has many questions for school administrators, who she believes knew something was wrong on Friday but didn't do enough to stop her daughter's murder. “I was very proud of her; always have been. She was an amazing gift. She was a really amazing gift and I'm lucky to have had her.”

Dinsmoor told 3TV that despite Bolton buying Ana a gift on Valentine’s Day the two were not dating. She said Bolton had visited the house one time and the two seemed more like buddies than boyfriend and girlfriend.

She also said Bolton had been harassing and bullying Ana as of late. “She didn't think anything bad about him. He had been harassing her and bullying her and there had been problems,” said Dinsmoor, fighting back tears. “He wanted to talk and she said, ‘okay, we'll talk.’ And she just wanted the truth and she just wanted everything to be okay."

Dinsmoor wants the truth now too, which she believes involves administrators at Sandra Day O'Connor High School knowing that her daughter was being harassed but doing little to stop it.

She also told 3TV there was another red flag involving her daughter and Bolton at school the day before Ana was killed. “[Ana] said Matt had made a threat to kill a friend of hers. And I said, ‘Well, what did you do?’ And she said, ‘Well, I told [my friend] and then I told the school,” said Dinsmoor, replaying the conversation she had with her daughter less than 24 hours before she was killed.

“My assumption as a parent is, okay, the school has it handled and this boy is in custody... something," she said.

“I want to know why my daughter's dead, ya know. I want to know why [the school] had the opportunity to stop this and they didn't,” said Dinsmoor.

The school admits there were reports that Bolton was on campus Friday with a gun. However, according to the school, a resource officer followed up on those reports and didn't find any sign of Bolton being in class at all on Friday. Further, Bolton’s mother reportedly told the school he was at home with his brother.

At some point, however, Bolton and Ana both ended up dead outside a house not far from school. School officials on Monday declined an on-camera interview.

If you'd like to help Ana's family with her final expenses you can donate to the Anastasia Greer foundation at any Wells Fargo branch.