Semi crash leaves Buckeye homes without power

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

BUCKEYE, Ariz. -- A semitruck driver hit a power pole Monday evening, knocking down the lines that supply electricity to a couple of Buckeye neighborhoods.

The crash happened on Apache Road, south of Yuma Road. Witnesses say the truck driver was trapped in the cab for more than an hour and surrounded by live wires.

The crash left residents in two nearby neighborhoods without power. APS did not immediately return calls, but residents estimate 200 homes are dark and say they were told the electricity will not return until sometime Tuesday.

"Well, I'm annoyed because I can't watch my program," Stephen Roum told 3TV. Others also complained of modern-day inconveniences, like no WiFi and not being able to charge cellphones.

Roum has more serious problems. He sleeps with a ventilator mask, which needs power to operate.

Neighbors brought up other concerns. Caysea Kantor's grandfather relies on an oxygen machine, which has to be plugged in.

"Without power, we'll be up all night manually doing what the machine does," she said.

APS crews spent the night at the scene, restoring temporary power to at least some of the homes.