Police from across country show support for fallen detective's family, colleagues

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- There was a special visitation for Detective John Hobbs and officers from all over the country came to the service to tell Hobbs' family that they're not alone.

"To let them know that we share this loss and this tragedy with them," said Danny Veith with the Denver Police Department. "It is a brotherhood, a sisterhood and we're all impacted by any line-of-duty death and this one in particular as tragic as it was."

It's a brotherhood that brought police officers from across the country together Sunday.

"It is very important for us to attend and support other officers in law enforcement," said Lt. Jeff Hoffmann with the Chicago Police Department.

They share in the common pain of losing a fellow officer.

"I had members and friends that were killed in the line of duty in the Newark Police Department so it's very sad," said Capt. John Chrystal III.

Hoffmann said he has also been through that.

"For example, one officer from Chicago police, I had seen him and five minutes later he was dead, and I was like wow, you know, it's that surreal effect, you know? Could that have been you?" Hoffmann said.

"When you look into another officer's eyes, only we can tell what we've been through," said Sgt. Steve Martos with Phoenix Police Department. "No one else has seen some of the things that we've seen, been through some of the things that we've been through."

It's that support that Hoffmann said is crucial when going through something like this.

"And the continued support after this event, supporting the family, the children, to show that he might be gone, but he's not forgotten," Hoffmann said.

The Phoenix Police Department tells 3TV that Hobbs' family appreciates all of this support they have been getting as they mourn their loss.