Tempe officer accidentally shoots student with Taser

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

TEMPE, Ariz. -- A school resource officer from the Tempe Police Department accidentally shot a 14-year-old eighth grade female student with a Taser on Thursday.

It happened while the officer was teaching a class at Gilliland Middle School, located at 1025 S. Beck Avenue.

During that class the students and officer were discussing the Taser. The officer unholstered the Taser demonstrating what it looks like as part of the discussion.

The officer mistakenly fired the Taser probes with one striking the student in the left arm and one probe striking a wall. 

The student did not have any electrical current pass into her. The officer immediately requested medical attention for the student and notified her supervisors as well as school officials.

The student was taken to the hospital where she had the Taser probe removed and was then released. 

No other students were injured. 

The officer has been removed from the school while this incident is investigated to determine how and why this occurred.