High-tech sanitizer helps fight germs on your cell phone

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Think about it. You go to the store, you stop to put gas in the car, you may even drop by the ATM machine for cash. It may sound like a typical day for you but your adventure is offering a free ride for bacteria on your hands! And that could be keeping your entire family sick.

"Survival expert" Brian Brawdy says, everything we touch is transferred from surface to surface and that includes the item we carry most: our cell phone! And that could be keeping your family from getting well this cold and flu season.

Brawdy is a parent and his kids love to play games on his phone. That's why he swears by a UV Cell Phone sanitizer. "It's called a cell blaster," he says. "It uses ultra-violet light., in 30 seconds."

There are several available on line and they come in all shapes and sizes and at several price points.

He prefers the Cell Blaster by Spectroline. In just 30 seconds, this one uses UV rays to kill germs and not just on cell phones. Your ear buds, phone chargers, even your car keys can be sanitized in no time at all.

Germs can survive almost anywhere. "These germ? They're good!" Brawdy says. That's why we can all use a device like this to help keep our families healthy.

Brawdy paid about $60 for his sanitzer online, but there are many others available, ranging in price from $20 to more than $100. Learn more at www.cellblaster.net.