Crooks caught on camera burglarizing home

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix couple came home to find their home burglarized, and the pair of thieves caught on their home surveillance camera system.

Saanen Wilcox arrived at his home on 11th Street near Indian School Tuesday evening to find his front door open, and the glass in his back door smashed in.

Wilcox found his bedroom in shambles, a pillowcase missing, and one drawer from his wife’s jewelry box thrown on the floor.

He went upstairs, checked his home surveillance system, and found the crooks on camera. In the video, a woman with what appears to be a Phoenix tattooed on her calf knocks on the front door just before 10 in the morning Tuesday. Moments later, a man with a mustache comes up as well and starts peering inside the front door.

The cameras catch the couple walk to the back of the house, checking the area and then disappear out of sight of the surveillance system.

A short time later, a man walks down the side of the property carrying a full pillowcase in one arm and a jewelry box in the other. A blue Jeep Liberty backs up, the man jumps in, and the SUV pulls off.

The cameras did not catch the license plate on the SUV, but Wilcox is hopeful that someone will recognize the pair from his video.

Wilcox says the thieves stole close to $2,000 worth of property including a number of pieces of jewelry that belong to his wife, and a necklace that was passed down from her grandmother. They also stole a gun that his grandfather used in Vietnam, and other sentimental items that are irreplaceable.