7-Eleven shooting surveillance video, 911 call released

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER-- For the first time we're seeing and hearing a confrontation between two men at a Chandler 7-Eleven.

It all started with a confrontation in the candy aisle at the 7-Eleven at Warner Rd. and Dobson late February. You can watch in the surveillance video as one man, Kenneth Morrow, walks past the other man. You can't hear them, but you can see that they say something to one another, and then, they fight.

"Certainly tempers are flared at this point and there's aggression that's being displayed," said Sgt. Joe Favazzo with the Chandler Police Department.Next on the video, a teenager steps in and they go after the first man. Both men pull out a gun, and Morrow is shot.

We also hear the 911 call. "Hey, can you guys please get here right away? I need help. My step-dad's been shot," said the teen to a 911 dispatcher. "I'm on the ground. I’m on the ground because I don't know what to do. My step-dad's bleeding to death! He's bleeding! I don't know what to do, man, I’m only sevent---…please."

Chandler police said if the shooter feared for his life, then he acted in self defense. "There's some question about was one person getting too close to the other person and possibly getting in their space,” said Sgt. Favazzo."If we can walk away from a conflict, that's always the best way to handle it."

The case has been submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review, and they'll determine if the shooter will  be charged.