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Dr. Art Mollen

Dr. Mollen's Practice
16100 N. 71st St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Wally's Weekly Car Review

Coupon Sense

Representative Mindy Villone gave a special offer for 3TV viewers who use the promo code "Mindy" at

You can also contact Villone at

Sunday's Sweetheart

If you'd like to add Sunday's Sweetheart or any other pet for your family, contact The Arizona Humane Society at 602-997-7585.

For more information about the Arizona Humane Society's events and programs, visit

Floride for Babies

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States. Now the American Dental Association has new recommendations, urging parents to use fluoridated toothpaste on their infants as soon as they get even one tooth.

Dr. John Dougherty talked to 3TV about the benefits and concerns of regular fluoride use.

Signs of Child Abuse

Is your child in danger of sexual abuse? Angela Williams, founder of VOICE Today, talks about he signs and her campaign to bring awareness to it.


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