Storm drenches parts of Valley

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- From flooded streets and running washes to uprooted trees and hail in North Phoenix, a winter storm drenched parts of the Valley on Saturday.

"It got pretty loud for about two or three minutes. A good just solid beating on the windows echoing in the house, so it was pretty intense for a few minutes," said Brent Erdman.

So much rain fell, that it flooded parts of the parking lot in a North Scottsdale mall.

"We were sitting there eating and it's just pouring pouring sheets of rain so far that we couldn't even see beyond what was just right outside the restaurant," said Aristina Sanchez. "We come out, and our car is just completely flooded. We have to probably take a boat just to get to the door."

"I was trying to direct them to a dry spot, so that I could pull out and pick them up real quick, so that they wouldn't have to get wet, but it defeats the purpose because they're wet anyway now jumping in the rain," said Manny Lasiloo.

The Sanchez-Lasiloo family took it all in stride. The kids were jumping in puddles. "It's nice, like I said, enjoyable. They get to run around and see what it feels like to be covered in water," said Sanchez. They welcomed the rain after the 70-day dry spell.