Mom Squad Home Remedies

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Mom Squad Home Remedies

Author: Krissy

1. Vinegar! We use it to clean instead of chemicals. It works as an awesome deoderizer and disinfectant.

2. Coconut Oil! Great moisturizer, conditioner.

3. Netti Pot with grapeseed extract! Relives allergies, sniffles and sinuses.

Author: Laura

1. Garlic Cloves. 2 raw cloves = 1 dose on antibiotics. Mix with cayenne pepper and honey togewther and take it 3 times a day.

2. Cabbage Leaves: Placed inside the bra of a nursing woman, has a drawing effect and can unclog milk ducts.

3. Honey: Can be applied on a burned skin.

Author: Hilary

1. Norwex Rags: Work like a charm for windows and mirrors

2. Melaleuca: The PERFECT face clearner

3. White Vinegar: A natural option for laundry and fruit and veggie cleaning

4. Neil Med Sinus Rinse Kit: Allergies be gone!