Phoenix man claims police raided and damaged the wrong home

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX --- A man responsible for an infamous terrorist hoax video is back at odds with police.

Michael Turley spent two weeks in jail for posting a video of his nephew, dressed as a terrorist holding a fake rocket-launcher, at a busy Phoenix intersection. He served his time, and put it behind him.

Turley says he was stunned to hear that police were raiding his home, near 35th Avenue and Bell Road in North Phoenix on Monday afternoon.

"It was an all-out raid, and I don't know why.  They went through all my stuff," Turley told 3TV.

Neighbors report seeing at least 8 officers in tactical gear enter the home.  Probation officers say they had reason to believe a wanted fugitive, or fugitives, were inside the home. 

The home was empty, but Turley says the officers left it damaged.

"They were throwing around DVDs and scattering things around," he said.

Turley also pointed out bent window and door frames, which he says are the result of officers trying to break in.

Plus he accuses the officers of seizing an envelope full of cash from his bedroom.

"I've never met the person police were looking for.  I have no clue who the person is and have never had contact with that person in my life," Turley said.

He filed an official complaint, which brought Phoenix Police Department supervisors out to investigate well into the early morning hours Tuesday.

Due to the investigation, neither Maricopa County Probation officials, nor Phoenix Police will comment about the situation.

Turley is demanding the damage be repaired, and his cash be returned.