Man who fought suspect after bizarre sexual assault speaks out

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A man accused in a bizarre sexual assault has been arrested.

The alleged assault happened near 37th Avenue and Glendale in Phoenix. And for the first time, we're hearing from the boyfriend of the woman attacked in their bedroom.

"Scary, scary situation," said John Timson. He found himself face-to-face with a strange man in his home on January 5.

"You don't know until it happens right on top of you, especially the situation that happened here. It was just so scary," said Timson.

Police said after setting aside some things he intended to steal in the alley, Conrado Lopez-Moreno surprised the couple in their bedroom.

"What was happening is that there was a stranger in her bedroom actually touching her on her private parts,” said Officer James Holmes with Phoenix P.D. “At that point the victim screamed and woke up her boyfriend."

Timson would not comment on the sexual assault but said the experience that early morning was very traumatic. “As traumatic as things can go," said Timson.

Police said the woman called 911 as her boyfriend fought with Lopez-Moreno, who had a knife. "I actually grabbed the knife from him, took the knife from him, and he scattered after that," said TImson.

Police said investigators gathered enough evidence that lead them to Lopez-Moreno. "The detectives did such a great job,” said Timson.

Timson said they considered moving after the burglary, but decided to stay put and take extra precautions."Replaced all the security glass on the doors, alarm systems. The house is alarmed now pretty much anything you can think of," said Timson.

And although the couple was shaken from the incident, Timson says his girlfriend is now recovering. "She's doing really good. We're both doing really good since the incident," said Timson.