Your Life A to Z Recipe: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014: Stuffed Polenta

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Stuffed Polenta

polenta - 1 cup
vegetable stock - 1/2 cup
whole milk - 1/2 cup
salt - 1 tsp
burrata - 4 oz
grated parm - 3/4 cup
butter - 4 oz
thyme - 1 tbs
balsamic - 1 tbs
Heat veg stock, milk & salt to a boil.
Add polenta stirring vigorously.
Cook polenta until fully cooked & add 1/2 cup parm.
Stir until chz has melted & pour into a pan to let cool.(overnight is best)
Cut burrata into small pieces.
Scoop polenta into your hand with a spoon.
Put a piece of burrata into polenta & mold around to form a polenta ball.
Let cool in fridge for 30 minutes.
Heat butter in a large sauté pan on medium heat & add polenta balls.
Cook until lightly browned on both sides & heated all the way through.
Pour in thyme, balsamic & cook for 30 seonds.
Place polenta balls in a serving bowl with the butter balsamic sauce from the pan.
Garnish with leftover parm & serve.