Stop signs placed in neighborhood where 7-year-old was hit, killed

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- The city is installing signs after reviewing a neighborhood where a 7-year-old boy was struck by a pickup truck and killed.

The boy was playing in the street when he was struck a week ago.
The family of the boy said they're thankful for these stop signs.

"It's a good thing they are putting up stop signs," said Maria Escalante Figueroa, the boy’s grandmother.

Neighbors had been concerned especially after the boy’s death.

"Well, they should put stop signs because it's pretty dangerous around here, and the kids like to play around so if we had stop signs it would probably be a little safer," Tyron Hurtt said after the accident.

A driver in a truck had struck and killed Octavio Angulo while he was on a scooter, playing with a cousin.

“It was an accident," Figueroa said. "The boy was playing on the scooter, and the man was driving slowly."

It happened near Pueblo Avenue and South 17th Street.

"What happened was the boy was leaning over, and the man didn't see him," Figueroa explained.

The city reviewed the area shortly after the accident to see if the neighborhood needed stop signs.

"That was really good of them, coming and taking their time to come and put a stop sign there," said Octavio’s cousin Karen Chanez.

The city determined that the intersections of 17th and Wood streets, just a block north of where Octavio was hit, and 18th and Wood streets would benefit from stop signs based on the locations of parked vehicles, walls and fences in the area.

Goretty Andino said she plays here often with her sister and has noticed the difference with the stop signs.

"We're happy to see all the cars stopping and looking just in case someone is coming by," she said.

The city determined the intersection of Pueblo Avenue and South 17th Street was safe without stop signs.

Octavio's family said they're just glad the city looked into this, and even though the Pueblo Avenue and South 17th Street intersection will not get a stop sign, they think the four-way intersection up the street will benefit from those stop signs.

The city said they will also be replacing any damaged or missing signs in the neighborhood.