Your Life A to Z Recipe: Thursday, February 20th, 2014: Pork Ossobuco with Bean Rag

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Your Life A to Z Recipe: Thursday, February 20th, 2014

By: Chef Gabriele Bertaccini

By understanding the power food has in bringing people together, iL TOCCO is committed to provide you personalized dining experiences for your most exclusive parties and events by offering only the highest quality ingredients and service available.

Since 2008, Chef Gabe and his staff has inspired hundreads of guests to love and understand food as much as we do all around the globe including Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York City, London and Florence, Italy.

We are not claiming to be pioneers here. But we do know that we are the best at what we do. It is no wonder that the 'iL TOCCO Signature' became synonimus with impeccable details and a striking balance between traditional and contemporary dishes.

Our services are completely tailored based on your needs. We are what you would like us to be, often deliciously unexpected.

To some, our attention to details may seem a bit fussy, but these are the details we think about every day, every week, every time we entertain, every time we eat a sandwich and every time we have the pleasure to serve our loyal guests.

They are where the fun comes in.


"If I had to explain the essence of iL TOCCO and CULINARY MISCHiEF it would probably come down to one concept: Italian hospitality.

Many people ask me what type of Italian food we serve and I have no clear answer. There is a common misperception around the world that there is something called Italian cooking. In reality, 60 million people who live to shop and cook and hunt and fish and cook and forage and cook have all agreed to be called Italian even though they really feel more attached to a more specific piece of earth – the one they were born on. The variations from town to town in Emilia-Romagna in what we perceive to be a classic Italian recipe like Ragu Bolognese may seem minor to the causal observer, but can, in fact, divide a family completely in an all-out culinary point of view battle.

To me, this captures the idea that there is nothing in the world more constantly delicious and endlessly fascinating than the regional cooking of Italia. Italy has traced an unparalleled journey of “saperi e sapori” or “knowledge of tradition and taste”.

iL TOCCO was born out of the great respect for century old culinary traditions and the rigorous selection of indigenous regional ingredients of the highest quality, emerging in a search for authentic traditional flavors that are adapted to today’s modern culture without betraying it’s foundation. To us “sapere e sapori" is the wisdom to search for contemporary tastes within the framework of tradition.

In understanding the power food has in bringing people together, iL TOCCO encourages you to make every meal an event.

Many times it’s all about getting a simple, casual meal on the table. Other times you may want to entertain on a more elaborate level.In either case, we promise you that the Italian ideal of total care and attention to every detail is going to be foremost. We are committed to provide you the experience of dining for which Italy is most famous for, as opposed to simply eating.

Creating culinary events for you and your guests where simple and honest food, pristine ingredients and flawless execution are the imperatives.

We hope you will appreciate,

Gabriele Bertaccini