Getting organized: Turn your closet clutter into cash!

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Many of us long for a closet with less clutter. So how would you like to turn some of that closet clutter into cash?

On Tuesday's Good Morning Arizona, Gina Maravilla showed us how to take all the clutter accumulating in your closet organization, and turn it into profit.

After going through every article of clothing in her closet, Valley resident Tonya Lively realized she was holding on to quite a bit that she no longer wears or even wants.

So we asked Tess Loo from consignment store My Sister's Closet to take a look at Tonya's stash.

"The great intentions of wearing it," says Loo. "Somebody else will love this and you'll make somebody else really happy. And then you'll make some great money."

From heels and hats to skirts and shirts, Tess recommends Tonya bring it all in for inspection. She says there are some basic rules in deciding if you should cosign something.

"The three things we look for: cute, clean and current. Nothing older than five years," she says. "Go through your closet and see things that might not fit with your style anymore or you don't fit into it any longer, there might be other people that may enjoy them."

What you make at a consignment store can depend on how well your items sell and whether you want cash or store credit. But an estimated ballpark for Tonya? "I would just guess, just looking at this, that she could make anywhere from $200, $300, $400, $500," says Tess. "I just don't know. Sky's the limit."