Getting organized: a makeover for your closet

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- Wading through tangled wire hangers or piles of shoes in the closet can be frustrating and time consuming, especially in the morning, when every minute is precious.

Professional organizer Bridges Conner says taking the time to put your closet in order will save you time and money.

Phoenix commercial real estate professional and busy wife and mom, Tonya Lively, teamed up with Conner, owner of Get Organized with Bridges, to whip her closet into shape.

“I feel like we are jammed in here pretty tight,” says Lively, who shares a closet with her husband, Evan. “There’s a lot of pushing aside when I am finding what I am going to wear that day.”

Conner says Tonya’s husband’s side of the closet is neat, but needs to be rearranged to make it easier for him to find the clothing he wears most often, like shirts for work. She places them in prime closet real estate - front and center. Shirts worn less often go further back.

The organization process starts with purging. Everything comes out of the closet. Lively then goes through every blouse, skirt and pair of shoes and decides what she will keep and what goes.

Conner recommends you invest and buy velveteen hangers. She likes them because they are thin, nothing slips off of them, and they don’t leave bumps in the shoulders of your clothing.

Then Conner suggests you hang everything so you can see exactly what you own.  Group tops together by sleeve length, then by color within each category.

“Once you pull like items and like colors together, you might say, ‘Oh my gosh. I didn’t realize I had 15 white t-shirts.’”

Besides organizing tops by sleeve length, create other categories that make sense for your lifestyle, like workout clothes or casual and business dresses.

Conner broke up Lively’s suits, placing slacks with other pants and jackets in their own section.  She says that will help Tonya see them as separates so she can mix and match and get more outfits out of all she has.

An over-the-door shoe organizer with clear pockets is great for storing everything from jewelry and belts to scarves and flip flops and a smart way to utilize the space behind the door.