Mother of child struck by truck says she blames no one for boy's death

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The mother of a seven-year-old boy struck and killed by a truck Sunday said she doesn't blame anyone for the death of her son.

The family had a vigil in his memory Monday night at the very spot where the accident happened in front of his aunt's home. Octavio Angulo was playing on a scooter when it happened. And Maria Angulo said she can't believe her son is gone. "It's very hard,” she said.

Octavio was Maria's youngest of five children. "It's something unexplainable," she said.

Her faith is what's helping her move forward. “If that was God's plan to take him, then I accept that," she said.

Lourdes, the boy's aunt, said she was inside the home when it happened. "The kids were outside in the backyard playing and they got out," she said. Lourdes said the kids are not allowed to be out in the street.

Brianna Cruz, Octavio's cousin, said he was racing with another cousin who was on a bicycle. "I told him to stop because he was in the corner, but I guess he didn't hear me," said Cruz.

Then, the driver of a white truck struck him. “It's no one's fault,” said Octavio’s mother. “It was an accident."

It was an accident Octavio's family will never be able to forget, but they said they will always remember his loving personality. “He was such a good boy, very friendly, very much love," she said.

Residents in the Phoenix neighborhood are asking the city where the stop signs are. There is no stop sign for the intersection where the happened, on South 17th Street and Pueblos Avenue.

Just down the street, there is a four-way intersection, and no stop sign there, either.

While police said they don't think a stop sign would have prevented the child's death, neighbors still want to see the signs go up, and they said they hope it doesn't take another tragedy to get them.

Police said the little boy wasn't wearing a helmet, and it appears the driver was going the speed limit and wasn't impaired.
Phoenix City Councilwoman Kate Gallego asked people at a groundbreaking ceremony Monday to think of the child.

"Take a brief moment of silence for Octavio Angulo, and remind ourselves that we are very committed to public safety as we go forward," she said.

People living in the neighborhood of South 17th Street and Pueblo Avenue are asking the city to take action.

"They should put in stop signs because it is pretty dangerous around here, and the kids like to play around," said Tyron Hurrt.

The city plans to examine the neighborhood. "Our staff will be there Tuesday looking into this for sure," said Matthew Heil with the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Development.

"We will definitely take another look at this. We definitely want to do anything we can to prevent a tragedy like this," said Gallego.