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Dr. RamseyA Longevity Drink: How to make it and what it does for your body! 
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A Longevity Drink: Recipe

Adjust to taste. 1 lemon (entire lemon with skin on) + ginger root about 1 inch + Tumeric Root (1/2 inch) juiced and poured into warm water (32 ounce or so). Sprinkle a dash of pepper to mixture. If needed, add a few drops of stevia to decrease bitterness.

Matsuri: A Festival of Japan
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Chef Eddie MatneyThree Sandwiches for a Picnic or Serene Afternoon in the Backyard
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E.D. Marshall Jewelers - It’s a great time to sell your gold and silver!
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Integrated Hair Solutions
- What is Hair Restoration?
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Alicia’s Deals
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Aesthetic Family Dental Care 
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EnvoQue MD - How testosterone effects sexual desire
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Arizona Humane Society
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