Valentine's Day: Love apps abound

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PHOENIX -- Valentine's Day is tomorrow, which means relationships on the minds of many, if not most, people. But what is the key to a successful relationship?

One Valley man says he knows.

"Do what's right, make her happy and smile," Tony Ogle said. "Also, tell jokes."

While that's good advice, another man who says communication is key might be right on.

But what if that communication came in the form of a smartphone app? There are several of them out there.

While most of the people we interviewed said they wouldn't turn to an app for advice, Valley relationship expert Mike Lindstrom believes there is useful information everywhere.

For less than $2, an app called Love Maps is meant to start an open dialogue and re-introduce you to your significant other. Think Dr. Ruth 2014.

Another app designed to help you with your love woes is called Fix a Fight. This one, for less than $5, claims to keep your relationship moving by working together after a conflict.

Many people, however, still feel like if they turn to relationship app maybe there's a more fundamental problem.

"There's an app for everything but not for that," Lakeesha Williams said. "Somebody's not doing something right."

Although some believe you "have to keep the human in it," this app actually allows you and your significant other to express your emotions, but first allow them to simmer.

The last app we looked at is called Kindu. It's an intimate app that connects both you and your love with ideas you would be willing to try out in the bedroom.

All three of these apps are available for both iPhone and Android.