Get fit behind the wheel: Exercises you can do while sitting in traffic

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- We all spend so much time in our cars, driving to and from work and running around town. But that time doesn't have to be wasted.

You can put car trips, even short ones, to good use, and work in some exercise.

Personal trainer and dietitian Tiffani Bachus gave us some tips on Wednesday's Good Morning Arizona about ways to sneak in some fitness on the road.

"We're in the car a lot," Bachus says. "We're driving around a lot, picking up our kids, sitting at a traffic light. There are ways you can sneak in a few little workouts."

Core exercises are easy ones to tackle. "The good things about abs is that you can work them any time, any place," she says. So while you're sitting in the car, draw in your abdominals, hold for about five seconds, then release. You can also move your hips side to side, or tuck them back and forward.

Next, Tiffani demonstrated the "booty squeeze."  Using isometric contractions, tighten your backside, hold for several seconds, then release."