Biggest mistake job seekers make when applying for employment

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Landing your dream job takes patience and lots of strategy. While applying on the company's website is where many job seekers start, it's probably the biggest mistake.

"If you apply to that company directly, you have less than a 3 percent chance of landing that job," said Shanna Landolt, a former head hunter.

"What typically happens is you go into a database, you don't even know whether somebody has actually looked at your résumé or not, and then if someone is, it's never the hiring manager," Landolt said.

If your résumé ends up in front of anyone but the hiring manager, you're missing an opportunity.

"So they may not know that there's a need two weeks from now or three weeks from now, for somebody that's exactly like you and you won't get seen, you won't get called," Landolt explained.

So Landolt recommends identifying the hiring manager.

"The best way to do it is to actually look on LinkedIn and see who works for the company and see if there's anybody that you know," she said.

"You want to connect with people that you know inside the organization who can vouch for you personally, they can go and talk to the hiring manager and say, 'You have to meet this person, they're wonderful,'" Landolt continued.