Goats stolen from Valley family

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Two young siblings in the east Valley are asking whoever stole their pet goats to bring them back. 

Feeding the goats and doing the farm chores is how the day starts and ends for six-year-old Jake Lehman and his twin sister Kallie. But last week their hard work was dealt a devastating blow when something horrible happened to two of their baby goats.

“They got stolen,” said Jake, explaining the situation.

Jake and Kallie’s father, Rick, said one of their goats gave birth to three kids about three weeks ago.  Late last week the family showed up for the morning chores and two of the three baby goats were gone without a trace.

“Sad,” said Jake, describing how he and his sister felt when they discovered the goat theft. He explained that the mamma goat was also crying and upset. “They were part of a family to us.”

Rick said his kids don't understand why the goats are now gone.

“My son asked me the other day, ‘Dad, why would somebody take my goat?  That's my goat.  That's stealing,”’ said Rick.

The goats aren't just pets.  Along with chickens the animals are part of the kids’ college plan.

“My kids raise these animals.  They do sell some of them.  Most of them are kept here but some of them are sold and all the money they get goes toward their college fund,” said Rick.

Rick said someone stealing the goats undermines the lessons of hard work and fair play he's trying to teach Jake and Kallie.

“Growing up on the farm we've always done business on a handshake.  That's what you do.  You trust everybody.  Sometimes people let us down.  In this case just bring my kids' goats back -- that's all I ask of you.”