Revamping your resume to land dream job

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX --  When it comes to landing the right job, your resume is really a reflection on you and your strengths as a professional. So getting it right is crucial. When it comes to revamping your resume, your best bet is to make sure you stand out.

Former head hunter and now President of the Landolt Group, Shanna Landolt recommends, "What makes you different, what makes you unique?"

The first tip to revamping your resume, "I say to people, always put your accomplishments first."

Whether you want to impress potential employers or recuiters, your resume should start with your accomplishments. Rather than list of responsibilities at the top, listing your accomplishments, front and center, will help stand out.

Tip number two, make sure your resume is streamlined. "For the jobs that were earlier in your career, if it's anything from say 8 to 10 years ago, just put your name and your title, because what you did ten years ago isn't relevant to what you'd be doing now."

Once your resume is revamped, tip number three is to know when to email it. Landolt advises against emailing your resume on a weekend. "If you send it on Saturday, all of the sudden in their email you've gone from Saturday, Sunday happens, the recruiter gets more emails, Monday happens and all of the sudden their email box is like this and it may be a few days before that recruiter even looks at your resume.

Tip number four, make sure the subject line stands out. Landolt told us, "put your name, a lot of people just put resume and it doesn't give enough information we don't know who you are.

Tip number five, follow up with a phone call within minutes of emailing your resume. Landolt says, "Now you have a recruiter with an open resume right in front of them and now you can have a conversation."