3OYS: Consumer claims old mattress found inside new mattress

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX - Video taken by a Valley exterminator reveals a shocking discovery after ripping open what was believed to be a new mattress.

Brent Agee is the owner of MasterTech Pest Solutions. "A mattress inside a mattress," he says. "That's the first time I heard about people doing that, but that's usually where you find bed bugs, inside mattresses."

Last November, Allison Kiefer, a mother of three, was in the market for twin bunk bed mattresses. "I went to the store called Mattresses 101 to buy the mattress," she says.

She paid $178.00 for two mattresses, which also came with a 3 month warranty. "The mattresses were fully covered in padding like a brand new mattress," she says. "They had plastic coverings all over them.”

She got the mattresses home, but two and a half months later, things changed. "It was about midnight," Allison relates. "I was up with the baby and I looked over and a bug crawled across my bed. I freaked out, jumped out of bed, called an exterminator about two in the morning, had them come over."

Brent Agee from MasterTech Pest Solutions not only rushed over, he also took video. And that's when he says he discovered an old mattress stuffed inside the new one.

"I was kind of expecting it a little bit,  just because when we were trying to pull them off this bunk bed they weighed about 100 pounds," he says. "Usually a mattress that size doesn't weight that much."

Allison added; "They went through my entire home, ripped everything up and found some in my room and in the kids' room."

In an email to 3 On Your Side, the company said "We (Mattresses 101) categorically state this store does not have bed bugs."

In a second email, the company said they've never had any bed bug complaints and reiterated: "We purchase and sell brand new mattresses only."

3 On Your Side took our undercover crew inside the store and asked about their inventory. "Are all of the mattresses new? Yeah, all of the mattresses."

Then why did Allison and her exterminator find an old mattress inside the new one? Mattresses 101 said they had no idea. And although they declined to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera, they told us in an email, "We procure from bedding manufacturers like Sealy and Corsicana."

Even though Mattresses 101 can't explain what happened with Allison's mattress, they have since come to a resolution with her. The company says it intends to refund $200 to Allison for the purchase of the mattress, and, as a "goodwill gesture", they will give her an extra $200 to cover the professional cleaning.