Affordable luxury: The right wallpaper can add classy touch

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Some homes just feel classy. Even if it's not a million dollar home, some people know how to add design touches that don't cost a fortune.

Scottsdale designer Britany Simon is making a name for herself doing exactly that. She was the runner-up on season seven of HGTV Design Star .

She's sharing secrets she typically reserves for her clients with "Good Morning! Arizona" viewers.

From new trends to classics, the celebrity designer is sharing ways we can all add affordable million-dollar touches to our living spaces.

Start with wallpaper. 

"Bold is back! And it's here to stay!" she said.

Simon is a huge fan of patterns that come in black and white.

There is a fine line between cheesy and classy when it comes to this particular design touch.

To do this successfully, the way someone with a trained eye would, find a small space like a kitchen nook or a small bathroom. Entryways also can be a good area for homeowners to take design risks.

Simon says some of the most unique wallpaper can be found online, along with incredible bargains. Keep in eye out for discontinued patterns, as well.

Watch "Good Morning" Arizona" all week for ways to add affordable million-dollar touches to your home.