Savings that will change your life!

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Segment 1: How to tell if you're REALLY getting a "deal" at Costco, Sam's Club, even online!

Look at the last two digits to determine if the price is a “deal” or not.
If the price ends in .99 that means it’s the full retail price.
If the price ends in .97, .88, or .00 that means it’s marked down.
If the price ends in .79, .49, or .89 the item is a special manufacturers’ price and is only temporarily marked down.
If the price tag has an asterisk on it that means the item has been discontinued and the price is the best you’ll find.

Sam’s Club:
If an item ends in a 1 (like $9.01 or $2.51), that means it is a clearance price and very possibly seasonal. They are trying to move the item along.
Display model discount: The manager confirmed that you can almost always ask for a 20% discount on display models (when they’re the last one in stock).
Check out the letters on the shelf tags…they mean something!
A means active item
N means never out (this item should never be out of stock)
C means cancelled. This is where you’ll usually find the best deals.
The more information you have, the better you’ll do when you’re shopping!

Want to know if you're really getting a great deal online? Check out the site They track what price an item has gone for a long period of time on Amazon (so you'll know that the Furby you're buying for $59 today sold for as low as $29. This is really helpful for big ticket items like tv's.

Segment 2: Know when things are free and you'll have more fun for less $$$!!!

The Desert Botanical Garden is free the second Tuesday of each month from 8 AM-4 PM. The free admission usually includes special events like Chihuly or the butterfly exhibit when it's in town. Admission for Chihuly is usually $22 for adults, $12 for kids.

Check out the Target three for free. You'll get into the Arizona Museum of Natural History (we call it the dinosaur museum), the Arizona Museum for Youth, and the Mesa Contemporary Arts museum for free the first Sunday of each month. They have fun concerts going on too! Admission for adults to the history museum is $10, kids are $6. The Arizona Museum for Youth admission is usually $7 each.

The Children's Museum of Phoenix is free the first Friday of each month from 5-9 PM.  Admission is usually $11

The Phoenix Art Museum is free each Wednesday night from 3-9 and the first Friday of each month from 6-10. Adults are usually $15, kids are $6.

A family of four who visited all of these museums would save at least $214! WOW!