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Alicia’s Deals - Last Minute Valentine's Gifts Sure to Impress!
To see all of Alicia’s Deals, visit, check out or follow her on Twitter @aliciasdeals.

A Second Look - Consignment Store
For more information, visit or call 602-992-1916. Receive 50% off all jewelry until Valentine's Day. A Second Look is located at 10620 N. 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85028.

Chef Shelley Sikora HolmanParmesan Cannoli’s with Golden Roma Heirloom Tomatoes & Southwestern Layered Black Bean Salad with Smoked Mozzarella
To make Chef Shelley’s dish, check out our recipe file. For more information about Chef Shelley, visit or

Rachel Harris - Valentine’s Day Gift Guide       
For more information on Rachel’s segment, visit

Stone Law Group, PLC - Debt Reset
For more information on Stone Law Group, call 602-264-5000 or go online to

Weight Loss Institute of ArizonaWeight Loss Surgery 
For more information about weight loss surgery, visit or call 602-PHX-THIN (749-8446).
Gasser Dental - The Psychology of Toothloss
Visit or call 623-972-8217 for more information on Gasser Dental.

Koala Sleep Center - Solution to Sleep Apnea
Call 602-866-1429 or 480-246-0440 to be one of the first 10 “Your Life A to Z” viewers to make an appointment and receive a free home sleep test from Koala Sleep Center. This offer is valued at $400, so call now! Head to their website for more information at www.KOALACENTER.COM/PHOENIX-CORE.