Birthday party idea: Workshops at Home Depot

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By Matthew Seeman By Matthew Seeman

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- If you have a handy young man or gal in your life, look at your local Home Depot to hold a themed birthday party.

Angelo held his birthday at the Arrowhead Home Depot in Glendale, where guests made their very own toolboxes. Safety goggles were included, and each guest received a personalized apron as a party favor to complete the tool-time look.

Debbie Hernandez led the workshop for Angelo’s birthday, guiding the kids step by step. She says the workshops are not just for boys.

“These are all for everybody” she says. “Last month we had a little calendar thing. We’ve got bird houses. We’ve got so many different types of projects.”

“They all love to be creative and make a project,” Hernandez added. “And they’re so proud of it when they’re done. It can be tailored to girls or boys. ”

Parents love that the birthday party is not only fun, but it can also be educational and encourage creativity.

“It is hard to find new and different things every year,” one mom said. “You try to come up with different ideas, and you take those ideas from different people and try to mishmash them together."

The next project the kids made was a blast of fun, using a PVC pipe. Kids use PVC pipes to make a marshmallow blaster. Decorative duct tape adds a personal touch.

The best part? The workshops are free. Home Depot offers them every first Saturday of the month.

“It’s like a big old party in itself, when you come to the kids’ workshop,” one mom said. “And then to be celebrating an occasion like a birthday, it really makes it even better.”