Breast thermography

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

Breast thermography is a safe, non-contact, non-radiation breast cancer screening procedure that monitors blood circulation in the breasts, according to Wendy Sellens with the Women's Academy of Breast Thermography.

Blood vessels form specific patterns which may indicate possible diseases or a risk factor years before other imaging modalities. These vascular patterns are only seen in reverse gray imaging, not color, which most clinics perform thermography in. If a pattern is identified early, it can be treated.

Sellens said to think of thermography as a thermometer which provides a warning signal to start preventative treatment. This information is outlined in the book "Breast Cancer Boot Camp-Dr. Hobbins's Breast Thermography Revolution."

Sellens said thermography, is a screening procedure, not a diagnostic tool; therefore, it does not replace mammography. Monitoring begins around the age of 25 to detect changes early. Thermography truly is early detection. Breast cancer rates have steadily been increasing. In 1940 only 1 in 20 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, in just 50 short years that number jumped to 1 in 8.

It is a known fact that 80 percent of all breast cancers are fed by estrogen. Synthetic estrogen, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, along with commercial grade estrogens, found in household products, pesticides, drinking water, and bath and body products, stimulate the breast, increasing risk.

Most surprising: 43 years of breast thermography research has shown that plant estrogens, flax, soy, bio-identical estrogen, black cohosh, evening primrose and red clover, also increase risk! If plant estrogens are "healthy" why aren't breast cancer numbers plummeting with all their use?

Sellens explains more about breast thermography in the video above.

To find a clinic that performs breast thermography correctly, visit the Women's Academy of Breast Thermography website.
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