Former NFL kicker responds to the issue of medical marijuana

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Nick Lowery By Jennifer Thomas Nick Lowery By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks said this week he supports learning more about medical marijuana's effect on football players in pain.

Phoenix resident and former Kansas City Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery said he's seen his teammates suffer from concussions. 

"It can kill a lifetime," he said. "It can kill quality of life. It is so pervasive today."

Lowery said something needs to be done to protect players and more research is needed on medical marijuana and concussions.

"It can be part of a way to heal players, absolutely for players that are out of the game that are suffering including many here in Phoenix, who on average suffered five to 10, not one or two, five to 10 major concussions in their careers," Lowery said.

Lowery said more parents -- even former NFL players -- are now hesitant to get their kids in the game.

"I think that football is one of the great games," he said. "I think it's probably fine for a parent to wait longer than we used to if we have any doubts at all."