Glendale mayor warns of no more Super Bowls

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- No money means no more Super Bowls in Glendale.

That was the warning from Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, who is pushing the Arizona Legislature to pony up millions to help the city cover security costs for next year's big game.

"If we can't get this help at the Super Bowl, my city can't afford it and we won't be looking for other events coming to Arizona," Weiers said Friday afternoon.

State lawmakers introduced a bill last week to reimburse cities as much as $4 million for security at large-scale events like the Super Bowl.

The proposed legislation was submitted by Weiers' close friend, Rep. David Gowen, R-Tucson, and has the support of more than half the State House.

The warnings come as Weiers has engaged in a war of words with Arizona Cardinal President Michael Bidwill, who's been ripping the city over its plans to handle the 2015 Super Bowl.

"I wish Mr. Bidwill would spend more time putting a team together that would win the Super Bowl," Weiers said.

Bidwill has accused Glendale of poor management, criticizing Weiers and other city leaders for not guaranteeing reasonable hotel rates near University of Phoenix Stadium.

"I'm not going to go out and demand that businesses lower their rates," Weiers said. "I'm just not going to do that. It's not my position. That's not my job."

During the last Glendale Super Bowl in 2008, Bidwill said local hotels were price gouging their customers. He'd like to see the city take a more aggressive role in preventing that from happening again.

"I'm disappointed with Glendale City Hall. I'm disappointed with the Glendale hotels, that they have not cooperated," Bidwill told 3TV. "City hall has shown no leadership."

Bidwill went on to say this is part of the reason Glendale has lost other Super Bowl related events, like the NFL Experience, to neighboring cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale.

"I think it's really short-sighted on their part, but they've made the decisions they've made and, you know what? We're going to have a great Super Bowl with or without them," Bidwill said.