Girl Scout cookie dessert challenge

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- If you have any Girl Scout cookies left, we have some delicious ideas for you!

Girl Scouts of Arizona are partnering with a handful of Arizona restaurants for the first-ever "Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge."

On Friday's Good Morning Arizona, Tess Rafols hit the kitchen to find out more.

During the 2014 Girl Scouts Cookie Season, chefs from some of the state’s most popular restaurants are re-imagining one of six  brands of Girl Scout cookies into a custom dessert menu item. The chefs are vying for the public's votes, and the title of first-ever Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge Champion.

"They each had to blind-choose a cookie and then make a great dessert out of it," says Susan de Queljoe of the Girl Scouts of Arizona.

Through this friendly competition, the participating chefs are helping Girl Scouts accomplish their very special 2014 sales goals. The Girl Scouts are working extra hard to sell 3.3 million packages this year to transform Camp Sombrero into the Leadership Center for Girls and Women.

Throughout the month of February the desserts will be sold in the participating restaurants listed below, and the whole challenge will culminate with an awards celebration on March 11. While there will be many ‘badges’ awarded, the grand winner is based on popularity. The most desserts sold at the end of the challenge will be crowned the first-ever Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge Champion!

A. Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market
Do-Si-Do Apple Pie

B. Beckett’s Table
"Tagalong" Napoleon

C. Hopdoddy
Tagalong Shake, Rattle & Roll

Tagalong Tiramisu

E. Salty Sow
Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Coconut Cream Pie In a Jar

F. 5th and Wine
Samoas Bread Pudding

G. Lumberyard Brewery
Samoas Turtle Cheesecake

H. The Herb Box:DC Ranch
Savannah Smiles Sunshine Icebox Pie

I. The Herb Box: Southbridge
Choco Thin Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

Thin Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

K. Café Bink
Trefoil Jamboree Ice Cream Push Pop

L. Olive + Ivy
Blueberry Cheesecake w/ Girl Scout Cookie Crust Gelato

M. Blue Wasabi
Girl Scout Cookie Roll

Connect and vote on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine or Pinterest, and take photos or videos of anything Girl Scout cookie related and post. Be sure to include “#girlscoutsaz” and the hashtag of one of the following cookie teams:

  • #teamthinmints
  • #teamtrefoils
  • #teamtagalongs
  • #teamdosidos
  • #teamsmiles
  • #teamsamoas

Every photo/video you post with the correct hashtags is equal to one vote for your team and one entry for a prize pack—so get out there and represent your favorite cookie!

The contest lasts from Jan. 27 through March 9. And at the end, one lucky participant will be selected from the winning cookie team. The winner will receive a prize pack full of Girl Scout Cookie goodness! More importantly, fans of the winning cookie team will be able to say (with authority) that their favorite cookie reigns supreme!