Waste Management Phoenix Open Wardrobe Must Have's

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The Waste Management Phoenix Open is a week long golf tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona. Drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators, the open offers a full day of entertainment. Dressing for the course is key for a successful day on the green.

Hair: Spray and Shine! Wearing Hair spray or a shiner will help your hair keep it's shape throughout the day. Add a unique addition to a simple style that is comfortable and lasts. A braid or big curls vamps up a down look. Adding a bump and height makes any comfortable ponytail a little special

Fashion: Spring wear and shoes. Walking up and down the course requires the proper footwear. Skip the stilettos and opt for a platform heel. Even better sway your look around the shoes and rock studded flip flops or gladiator flats for more support. Choosing a look that will stand, sit and walk well is key. A light dress that covers up the arms is comfortable and protects from the sun. A crop top with funky patterns takes a risk and is perfect for the Birds-nest. Pairing a flowy top with skinny jeans provides coverage and a flattering shape to any figure.

Survival tip: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Before you go, put on moisturizer and sunblock. Keeping your skin hydrated keeps a dewy effortless complexion. Drink plenty of water as the sun mixed with dry desert air depletes our body of water. To last from day into night it's vital for our skin and body to remain hydrated while enjoying the game!