Speak of the Devils Podcast: Signing Day Preview and Marcus Ball

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By Brad Denny By Brad Denny

Can you feel it?

Of course you can. National Signing Day 2014 is nigh.

Not even the evil machinations of SkyNet can keep Speak of the Devils from bringing you a big time preview (and by that we mean, our original episode was tragically deleted by Brad's laptop during editing, forcing this awesome Plan B).

First up, we talk with ASU safety Marcus Ball. The dynamic redshirt freshman opens up about what he learned while battling injury, how he's recovering, and why ASU fans should be excited about his return in 2014.

Then it's the main event. Hod Rabino of DevilsDigest.com stops by to bring an unparalleled insider's take on where ASU stands now, and most importantly, what could happen in the coming days leading up to NLI Day.


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