Parents hope son will be cleared of temple killings

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PHOENIX - Johnathan Doody’s parents remain hopeful that the retrial for their son, accused of killing nine people in a West Valley Buddhist temple in 1991, ends in his freedom.

Jurors for the trial will not deliberate again until Tuesday. Brian and Laiad Doody said they still have faith that their 39-year-old son will be found not guilty.

“I can’t give up,” Brian Doody said. “We can’t give up.”

“My son really is innocent," he added. "He was railroaded into where he is today. I hope one day that comes out.”

Johnathan Doody was convicted in 1993 of the nine murders, but the conviction was tossed because of a coerced confession. A retrial in 2013 ended with a hung jury.

The Doodys said they lost their friends and jobs because of the trial, and they depleted much of their savings.

“We’ve had our ups and downs; our good days and our bad days,” Brian Doody said. “I think our faith is what’s really carried us through.”

Should the jury find Johnathan Doody not guilty, his parents hope he can return to school and continue his education.

“We’re going to go back home, and we’re going to somehow get his life back to normal,” Brian Doody said.