Arizona Board of Regents approve contract for new ASU AD Ray Anderson

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Today, the Arizona Board of Regents approved the contract of new Arizona State Vice President of Athletics Ray Anderson.

The new Sun Devil athletic director receives a five-year contract with a base salary of $600,000, along with a $200,000 signing bonus. He will accrue a retention incentive of $200,000 each year; however, it will not be paid out until the end of the contract term.

Anderson’s predecessor, Steve Patterson, had recently received a raise to $450,000 before leaving for the athletic director job at the University of Texas, where he will make $1.4 million annually.

Anderson also has several performance bonuses that can earn him an additional $600,000 each year:

Academic Performance

  • Graduation Rates: Bonuses range from 2% of his salary if the Scholarship Student-Athlete Graduation Rate is 5% higher than the General University Graduation Rate, all the way to a 10% bonus for a rate 20% higher.
  • Student Athlete GPAs: Bonuses range from 2% if the cumulative student-athlete GPA is 2.80 to a max of 25% for a 3.50.
  • Academic Progress Rate: Provided that no individual team APR is below 925, Anderson can earn anywhere from 2% of annual salary if the overall team APR average meets or exceeds 978 to 25% for 996 or more. There are also bonuses tied to this score for the football and men's basketball teams.

Athletic Performance

  • Director's Cup: Can received a 5% bonus for a top 20 finish in the Director's Cup standings all the way to a 25% bonus for a first place spot.
  • Team Postseason Appearance (non-football or men's basketball): For every postseason appearance ASU makes, Anderson receives a bonus equal to two weeks' pay.
  • Individual Sport Top 5 Finish: For every top 5 finish in an individual sport, Anderson will receive bonus equal to one week’s salary.
  • NCAA Championships (non-football or men's basketball): For every NCAA team or individual national championship ASU wins, Anderson receives a bonus equal to two weeks' pay. 
  • Football Performance
    • 5% bonus for winning the Pac-12 South, 7% for winning the Pac-12.
    • 5% for making a non-BCS bowl and another 5% for winning it.
    • 25% for making the national championship game.
    • 50% for winning the national championship.
  • Men's Basketball Performance
    • 2% bonus for winning the Pac-12 regular season title.
    • 4% for winning the Pac-12 Tournament.
    • 5% for making the NCAA Tournament.
      • 6% if they make the Sweet 16.
      • 8% for an Elite 8 appearance.
      • 10% for making the Final Four.
  • Coaching: He will get a 2% bonus for each ASU coach who wins the Pac-12 Coach of the Year Award and 5% for each National Coach of the Year Award.

Anderson will also get various other perks such as tickets, a country club membership, golfing privileges at ASU's Karsten course, and either two cars or an automobile stipend.