How to make a lamp out of almost anything

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Here's a great opportunity to put some more light in your life. A lamp can be made out of almost any base you can imagine. You only need a few items. It's a very quick, easy and inexpensive project.

Desired base (anything you can drill a hole in the top and bottom of can be a lamp

Make A Lamp Kit (comes with most parts and step-by-step instructions)

Lamp Pipe or pipes for desired height of lamp

LED light bulb

Lamp shade

Drill bit for material being used

  • Glass drill bit if drilling into wine bottle, glass block, stone, etc. (comes in various sizes)
  • Paddle bit for most plaster, wood and other typical drill-able materials

Drill a hole for the lamp pipe in the center of the top and bottom of your desired base.

If you're using a glass drill bit, start very slow with the bit at a 45 degree angle to let it bite into the glass. After it grabs, slowly begin angling up until your drill is vertical.

  • Add water  to the surface and bit while drilling. This will keep everything cool to prevent any chipping and cracking.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure, allow the drill and bit to do the work.

Insert lamp pipe through the newly drilled holes.

From the lamp kit, take the electrical cord with plug and insert the cord, wire end, up through the lamp pipe, pulling through a little excess to work with for now, then you'll pull it back through when you're done.

Following the directions that come with the Make A Lamp Kit, add lock nut, stabilizer nut, washer, harp, socket base and socket.

Add wires to socket by raising socket cover an loosening gold and silver screws.

Curve each copper wire end into a U shape. Place one U-shape wire around each screw and tighten. Slide cover back down.

Add LED light bulb, shade and shade stabilizer nut.

Remember, do not plug your new lamp in until everything is assembled. You don't ever want to work with live wires.

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