Parents camp out for school open-enrollment

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Parents will go to great lengths of make sure their child gets in the school of their choice. And dozens of moms and dads in Chandler are no exception. 

They actually camped out all weekend long to make sure they could enroll their children at Chandler Traditional Academy - Independence Campus.

Parents brought chairs, sleeping bag, and tents to make it more bearable. One family even brought a motorhome! They all braved the long hours and chilly temperatures to make sure they had a chance at one of the open spots at the school.

Dad Peter Lee was one of the close to 70 dedicated parents who camped out. "Chandler has great schools, but CTA brings not only the great teachers, but a great principal and great parents," Lee says. "What I like about it is having multiple, diverse people."

Lee got in line Friday afternoon. When we asked him the reason why parents do it, his answer was simple. "Because you love your kids," he smiles. "You want the best for your kids."

Space in the school is limited, and the enrollment is first-come, first-served. There was also a line Monday morning at the District office.

Chandler Traditional Academy - Independence has a "10" rating on the website One parent review on that site reads: "This is an A+ school with advanced curriculum, high standards and structured learning. The children are not only taught at an accelerated level, they are also taught respect and discipline. Awesome teachers, staff, great principal, volunteers make CTA-Independence the greatest learning environment. "