'Car Connection' device helps you remotely keep tabs on your car

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas. And along with the usual high-tech gadgets for your home and office, one hot new trend can be found behind the wheel.

3TV's resident tech expert, Ken Colburn of Data Doctors, showed us some new technology that could be important for parents of teen drivers. "It's the ability to control who's using a smart phone while the car is moving," Colburn tells us.

Dan Murphy of the Audiovox Corporation explained what else Car Connection can do. "It's a brand new product," he says. "If you plug this in, you're connected to your car, wirelessly."

Car Connection is a so-called On-Board Diagnostic device that will allow consumers to monitor, manage and maintain not only their own and other family drivers' habits, but also vehicle performance and maintenance.

"You will know where your car is," says Murphy. "You can set up safety zones around your car, so if your elderly parent or teenager is driving out of that safety zone, you'll get a text message that the car left its approved area."

The Car Connection features include the ability to disable text messaging in the vehicle as well as the ability to monitor drivers to detect reckless driving habits, a vehicle locator, geo-fencing and speed alerts.

For consumers and fleet owners alike, there are automobile maintenance alerts and reminders as well as driver safety alerts. 

"The Car Connection is available at AT&T stores and online. It costs about $169 to purchase, and then $10 a month for usage.