Nearly perfect weather continues in Valley

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- When you’re approaching mid-January and the forecast calls for temperatures in the 70s under mostly fair skies, this can only mean one thing -- you’re in Phoenix.

Rain, wind and snow have battered the Pacific Northwest, and severe weather has spawned from the deep South to mid-Atlantic. But the Valley of the sun has lived up to it’s name, only seeing high thin clouds from time to time.

This afternoon, Sky Harbor International Airport reported a high temperature of 71 degrees. The normal high for this day is 67 degrees.

High pressure building in from the west is acting as a storm roadblock of sorts. The only thing breaking through it is a little cirrus cloud cover that will continue through Sunday morning.

As this high pressure strengthens, temperatures are expected to inch upward.

Sunday morning, look for a low of around 44 with an afternoon high of 72 under mostly sunny skies. The 70s will continue their reign through next week, with highs peaking around Wednesday at 77 degrees.

As of now, Valley rain and mountain snow are not expected through next weekend.