Actress/author Mackenzie Phillips speaking at inaugural Sedona World Wisdom Days

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Whether you know her from TV shows like "One Day Day at a Time" and "So Weird" or movies like "American Graffiti," it's clear that actress Mackenzie Phillips has left her mark on Hollywood.

The daughter of one of the founding members of folk rock group The Mamas & the Papas ("California Dreamin'" and "Monday Monday") is brutally honest about some of the addictions that have plagued her through her life, documenting them in her book "High on Arrival."

She'll be in Sedona next week for a special event called Sedona World Wisdom Days.

As Phillips (@MackPhillips on Twitter) explained to 3TV's Scott Pasmore, it's a four-day event designed to help people get over what's holding them back.  It's built on four pillars of awareness -- creativity, culture, education and wellness.

The event runs over the  Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend -- Jan. 17-20. 

You can get a wisdom passport that includes several events at the Sedona Performing Arts Center. There are also Film Festival events and  various workshops that can be purchased à la carte.

Some of those workshop topics include medication, nutrition, dreams, spirituality, art and ancient cultures.

For more information and to buy tickets, go to

Twitter: @WorldWisdomDays