Fee increase proposed at Sky Harbor Airport

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX --Travelers at Sky Harbor Airport could soon find themselves paying a little bit more to fly the friendly skies.

Sky Harbor officials are pushing Congress to increase the passenger facility charge at the airport. Right now, it's $4.50 for a one-way domestic flight. But that fee could nearly double, shooting up to $8.50.

The fee has remained the same since the year 2000. So airport officials say it's time for an increase to keep in line with inflation and recent improvement projects.

Each year, the passenger facility charge equals about $80 million. The airport uses that money for upgrades. But while airports use the money, they do not set the rates. Airports must convince Congress to raise the passenger facility charge.

Many passengers say they don't like the idea of shelling out more to fly. "It's going to discourage a lot of flying. And that's unfortunate," says one traveler. "It seems like there's always some discouragement coming along."

And considering lawmakers just recently raised TSA security fees on airlines tickets, this new increase could be a tough sell. That TSA fee doubles starting on July 1, increasing to $11.20.