Consumer Electronics Show features latest high-tech gadgets

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  --The hottest gadgets of 2014 and beyond are on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The show kicked off this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The annual event is an opportunity for retailers and the media get their first glimpse of brand new gadgets and technology. The massive show features 3,200 exhibitors and is expected to draw 150,000 visitors.

On Good Morning Arizona Wednesday, Ken Colburn of Data Doctors gave us an insider's look at the latest trends.

One of the stars of the show was the new driver-less car technology from Bosch. With the touch of a button the car finds a parking spot then parks itself.

Interconnected devices are everywhere. From thermostats to motion sensors, just about anything can now be connected and send data to the Internet. Even flexible electronics sewn into fabrics are becoming mainstream.

Athletes can wear headgear equipped with mobile sensors that measure and report impacts. The $50 Fitbug can track exercise and sleep.

And new technology also relied on the Internet to help keep tabs on the aged or ailing. For example, devices such as Lively use sensors on pillboxes and key chains to track whether a person appears to be following routines. If they aren't, the device alerts a caregiver.