Phoenix planning to offer smaller garbage cans

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX (AP) -- In an effort to encourage households to recycle more, Phoenix is planning to offer residents a smaller curbside garbage container this summer.
The City Council considered the Pay-as-You-Throw program at its policy session Tuesday.
The proposed initiative would give customers the option of a 65-gallon barrel instead of the current 90-gallon container.
If the council approves the measure, the city's Public Works Department plans to inform residents through neighborhood groups or homeowners associations about the program.
The smaller containers would be offered in late July.
Residents who participate would see a small savings in their monthly bill.
City officials project up to 15,000 households would initially choose the smaller containers.
Phoenix expects to spend $651,000 to purchase the first 15,000 smaller cans with funds coming from user fees and charges.