Study: Slightly more people leaving Arizona than moving here

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A new study by a moving company shows that slightly more people are leaving Arizona than moving here.

According to the Atlas Van Lines 2013 Migration Patterns Study, there were 2,218 outbound moves last year, and 2,101 inbound moves.

Because the difference between outbound and inbound moves was so small, Atlas considers Arizona a "balanced" state.

"The 2013 Migration Patterns study results provide a snapshot of relocation patterns and this year, the majority of the country achieved a balance between inbound and outbound moves while the total number of moves increased 6 percent from 2012," according to the Atlas Van Lines website.

The highest number of moves in 2013 occurred in California, Texas and Florida.

Atlas Van Lines looks at "interstate and cross-border household goods relocations" completed by the company each calendar year. The designation of inbound, outbound or balanced comes from the percentage of moves in either direction. The threshold is 55 percent.

Based on the Atlas Van Lines numbers, Arizona has been a balanced state for nearly a decade, but for the past four years (2010-2013), slightly more people have been leaving than coming.

In 2004, Arizona was an inbound state, with almost 57 percent of the total moves coming from new residents.

The Atlas Van Lines studies are based solely on moves for which it is hired.

Founded in in 1948, Atlas Van Lines was originally based in Chicago, but moved to Evanvsille, Ind. in 1960.

Atlas Van Lines migration patterns studies (2004-2013)

  Outbound moves Inbound moves
2013 2,218 2,101
2012 2,038 1,936
2011 2,206 2,056
2010 1,942 1,798
2009 2,072 2,101
2008 2,413 2,371
2007 2,582 2,811
2006 2,864 3,091
2005 3,058 3,570
2004 2,771 3,616

2013 map


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Graphic courtesy Atlas Van Lines