How real is it reality TV? One star shares all

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Matthew Jacobi hails from Arizona. 

He graduated from Arizona State University and after a short stint working in a Phoenix newsroom he learned the entertainment thing was more his style.

"I worked at a hard news station for two years, knocking on people’s doors when there were fires, dealing with serious stories... things like gangs and violence," he said. "But I remember thinking at the end of my workday, all I really cared about was Britney Spears and Madonna!"

Jacobi headed for Hollywood.

It wasn't long before he was working for the executive producer of E!

"I was doing time cards, passing around coffee, and ordering supplies," he recalled.

What may not have seemed like a golden opportunity certainly was. He would later become a personal assistant to Giuliana Rancic.

"Giuliana’s office was right in front of my little cubicle and we just started talking," he said.

Part of his duties as her assistant landed him a role in the reality TV show "Giuliana & Bill." This one featured her life, alongside her husband, Bill Rancic. Rancic was the first candidate hired by The Trump Organization on the first season of "The Apprentice."

The show followed daily dealings for the couple, including a lot of time on the red carpet.  It also took Jacobi half way around the world to plan and execute a wedding in Capri, Italy. The nuptials were featured in a television special on Style Network.

Years later, all that time on the red carpet would lead him to a role in a new reality show on E! called "The Drama Queen." In this one, viewers are taken inside Hollywood celebrity manager Marki Costello’s world as she works at building entertainment careers and teaching her clients how to be stars.

He credits social media for a good portion of his success but you can't ignore all of the time, hard work and willingness, to put in his time to get where he is today.

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