Post-Christmas deals draw huge crowds

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Although Christmas is over, deals are still driving traffic in the malls and on the streets.

"Parking is crazy; it's like parking wars," shopper Siobhan Motley said. "The deals are good, so might as well."

Retailers welcome the rush, especially since sales were reportedly down the week before Christmas, according to ShopperTrak.

"I was wondering if we're spending more money before or after Christmas, because we're actually more crowded today ... with the sales, but we love it," said shopper Angela Martin.

Retailers love it, too.

The large discounts seem to be helping clear Christmas decorations and winter clothes from stores' shelves.

Some businesses advertised sales of up to 75 percent off.

"I would say an average of about 40 percent off regular price," said shopper Natalie Fredericks.

Many people who visited stores to return items and cash-in gift cards ended up taking home unexpected goodies.

"It's kinda fun to come after Christmas and see what's out there," shopper Sue Wood said.

For people looking for a new car, experts say Dec. 31 may be one of the best shopping days.

"A lot of dealerships are trying to get their annual quota, so they're willing to deal," said Jack Nerad of Kelley Blue Book. "Depending on the kind of vehicle, you could save as much as several hundred dollars into the thousands."

While the bevy of bargains revs some people up, it wears others out.

3TV cameras spotted one man napping outside Macy's.

In the next chair over, Tom Shires read his iPad, a post-Christmas bonus, while taking a break from shopping.

"The wife bought me sweaters first," he admitted.